The Smoking Mum – Why Do It?

My suspicions are aroused!

Whenever I see a young mother smoking, I am naturally suspicious.

Medical advice is categorical in saying that pregnant women should not smoke (I would also argue that they should not smoke in that pre-conception period either) as it risks harm to the unborn baby.

Smoking increases the risk of stillbirth, increases the risk of complications in pregnancy and birth and is less likely to produce a healthy baby. The evidence is definitive and unchallenged.

Most women do stop smoking when pregnant.

My suspicions are raised around those who I see smoking a few weeks or months after giving birth. Do I really believe that they gave up smoking during their pregnancy? If they have not smoked for nearly nine months, why would they suddenly go back to it? They’ve quit. They’ve broken the back of their addiction. Why would they feel any desire to return to the compulsion of the cigarette?

Even more so, given that they will be aware that smoking around young children can be equally harmful why would they revert to the habit?

Did they honestly and properly give up smoking?

In fairness, I have never smoked. I therefore do not know the power of the addiction. It just seems to me that if you can turn it off in the interests of your unborn baby then surely it can’t be too much of a hardship to keep it turned off.

Why go back to doing something that is damaging both to yourself and to those around you? It makes no sense.