Death – It’s a Matter of Timing

The grim reaper looks on

There’s a natural order to life, rules which we expect to follow, principles which are generally accepted: Older people should die before younger ones. Healthy people should live longer than those who have lived an unhealthy life. Children should not die before their parents. Unfortunately, these rules do not always apply. There are no guarantees … Continue reading Death – It’s a Matter of Timing

Family Well-Being – An Employer’s Responsibility

A woman works on her laptop whilst others sleep

How long will it be before employers become liable for the stress and depression caused, not to their employees, but to members of their employee’s family? When will employers be sued for causing the divorce or relationship breakdown of their employees? Legally, an employer has a duty of care to their employees. That means they … Continue reading Family Well-Being – An Employer’s Responsibility

Living the Dream – Really?

Living the dream image

We all have dreams, hopes, aspirations but, I do wonder, how many of us actually get to live out those wonderful life stories of success and fulfilment. Most people plod through life, living out a mundane, uninspiring existence. We work; we relax, we sleep; we work, we relax, we sleep……. Life has a routine; life … Continue reading Living the Dream – Really?

Migration – A Genetic Benefit

A line of people migrating

Delving into genetic ancestry it is thought that all Europeans are descendants of Charlemagne – a king from the eighth century who had numerous children, mostly illegitimate ones from his concubines. It seems we’re not so dissimilar after all - we all carry sequences of DNA that match each other even though we may be … Continue reading Migration – A Genetic Benefit

Understanding The Mathematics of Genetic Success

A DNA helix

Of all the factors that account for the existence of humankind the most significant is that of luck. We have been fortunate to have chosen the genetic pathways to get us where we are today. They have ensured our survival and our undeniable success as a species. There is a saying, “you make your own … Continue reading Understanding The Mathematics of Genetic Success

Life – Can you put a value on it?

A life saving buoy

We believe in the sanctity of life. It’s something special, something precious. It is generally recognised that life has a value and should be nurtured and supported. And yet, although we give it value, that value comes with rules, conditions and caveats. There is no free rein. Life does not have value per se. This … Continue reading Life – Can you put a value on it?