Alarm Call for the Gym

If you have a job vacancy and you are looking to recruit somebody who demonstrates commitment, dedication, desire, focus and determination then one of the best places to begin your recruitment search is at the local gym early in the morning.

If somebody is prepared to set their alarm clock and get up early in order to have a physical workout when everybody else is tucked up in bed or hitting the snooze button then this shows they have a purposeful attitude, they are prepared to make sacrifices for their cause and they are driven by their goal.

The harder it is to go to the gym the more impressed you should be – getting up early in the morning, leaving their partner cosy in bed, facing the cold wintery elements in the dark, perhaps having to walk there. To overcome such difficulties and deterrents requires a strong mentality and resolute focus.

It demonstrates a very different disposition to the fair weather, if it’s convenient, if theIf yoy’re in the mood for it gym-goer.

It may be that the early morning gym-goer has realised the advantages of doing their workout early:

  • They are not tired after a full day’s work so they can commit the necessary energy to their workout.
  • There is nothing that can “crop up” to prevent them from going to the gym.
  • They feel refreshed after their workout, making it a good start to the day.
  • It’s relatively quiet at the gym so they can focus and use the equipment they want to use.
  • If something needs doing then it’s good to get it done straight away.
  • Doing their gym workout early means that they are free to do other things later.

Even so, having recognised that there may be distinct advantages to an early workout, it still takes a strong mental attitude to actually get up and do it. Just as the hardest thing about going for a run is that first step out of the door; the hardest thing about going to the gym early in the morning is getting out of bed.

That’s why the early morning gym-goer may be so appealing to employ. As an activity, it is clear evidence of a particularly desirable state of mind. If the early morning gym-goer wants something badly enough then they are willing to work hard at it, they’re willing to put themselves out in order to achieve it.

This means that if, within the workplace, you and your organisation are able to give the early morning gym-goer the motivation, the desire and the reward that ignites their enthusiasm then you will have acquired the perfect recruit.

Getting the right person for a job isn’t always about what you can read on paper. In fact, many of the most selective and demanding graduate recruiters take little notice of an applicant’s degree subject. The qualification merely denotes that they have a certain level of intelligence. There are other attributes that they are more interested in. They recognise that it is the type of person – their attitude, personality, ambitions – that is more important.

There is also another advantage to employing the early morning gym-goer. Given that they will have had their training session at the gym first thing, the chances are that their post-workout endorphin rush will hit just as they start work. They will be on a high; full of energy, enthusiasm and positivity – all qualities that are desired in the workplace.

Of course, there is a slight watch-out. You do have to hope that they are not burnt out with exhaustion by mid-afternoon. But getting up early, going to the gym, doing a full day’s work becomes habit forming. It becomes routine, a way of life. Just ask any regular early-morning risers; even when they don’t have to, they still end up waking early.

Pursuing a similar train of thought, there may perhaps be one other group of people that might be better to employ than the early morning gym-goer and that is somebody who has regularly done an early morning paper round. They possess the same qualities as the early morning gym-goer but are also financially driven and are prepared to work hard for their money.

Although gym-goers will offer certain qualities, it may be that you are looking for something different, perhaps a strong team player. If so, then maybe you should consider searching in the local sports teams. This is where you will discover the best leaders; people who can motivate; people who can instil desire; people who can get the best out of others. Team players may also be more competitive, more mindful of winning and losing and have a better understanding of how to operate in a rules environment.

The appeal of early morning gym-goers is not that they are more muscular or fitter but that they have a particular attitude that governs their behaviour. They exhibit qualities that you may be seeking for the workplace. So, if you are looking to recruit, perhaps you shouldn’t necessarily be so preoccupied by qualifications, experience and a comprehensive resume. It might be far more worthwhile to set your alarm early and go to visit your local gym.