Marriage – For Better or Worse

The idea that marriage is purely a formal, public pledge of love, devotion and commitment is to misunderstand the historical and genealogical purpose of this ceremonial bond. We should abandon any romantic notions we might have, and, instead, recognise marriage for what it really is - a managerial, controlling practice. In our early existence, male … Continue reading Marriage – For Better or Worse

Society Takes Care of its Own

There’s an old adage that says you should not throw good money after bad. Does that apply to people as well? If there are people who do not contribute anything to society, if they demand a continuous and insatiable amount of resources, if they show no prospects or ambitions to improve their lives, then should … Continue reading Society Takes Care of its Own

Humanity’s Evolutionary Downfall

The greatest threat to humanity is not nuclear obliteration, environmental catastrophe, meteor strike or a contagious virus. The greatest threat to our survival comes from ourselves and our relentless drive to develop and progress the world we live in. Generally, we perceive progress to be good for us. It means that we live longer, that … Continue reading Humanity’s Evolutionary Downfall