Human Evolution – Past Success; Future Uncertainty.

Humanity – we’re doing alright. In fact, we’re probably doing better than alright. We’ve been around awhile and, generally, our existence has not been too much in doubt. This is because, over the years, thousands of years, we have put ourselves in a strong evolutionary position. As a species, at some point in our development … Continue reading Human Evolution – Past Success; Future Uncertainty.

What’s in a Job Title?

Over the last few years there has been a trend to give people fancier job titles. The job role will not have changed, merely the title of the job. Sales people have become Sales Executives. Cleaners have become Cleaning Operatives. Receptionists have become Front Desk Executives. Sandwich makers have become Sandwich Artists. The reasoning behind … Continue reading What’s in a Job Title?

Death – it’s a Matter of Timing

There’s a natural order to life, rules which we expect to follow, principles which are generally accepted: Older people should die before younger ones. Healthy people should live longer than those who have lived an unhealthy life. Children should not die before their parents. Unfortunately, these rules do not always apply. There are no guarantees … Continue reading Death – it’s a Matter of Timing

Hanging on a Thin Blue Line

When there’s a clear distinction between the good guys and the baddies it’s not too difficult to enforce the law. But unfortunately it’s not always like that! You’re a police officer; you’re clad in full riot gear; you’re on the front line facing a large, noisy protest. The situation is confrontational. The order comes through … Continue reading Hanging on a Thin Blue Line