Hanging on a Thin Blue Line

When there’s a clear distinction between the good guys and the baddies it’s not too difficult to enforce the law. But unfortunately it’s not always like that! You’re a police officer; you’re clad in full riot gear; you’re on the front line facing a large, noisy protest. The situation is confrontational. The order comes through … Continue reading Hanging on a Thin Blue Line

Mobility … Our Genetic Path to Development

Development – whether that is industrial, technological, economic or social – has expanded exponentially over the last couple of hundred years. This sudden upsurge contrasts with the slow, steady and incremental progress that had for many generations preceded it. Why has that suddenly happened? What triggered it? What sustains it? How long will it continue … Continue reading Mobility … Our Genetic Path to Development

Bagging a Territory to Secure a Mate

Different animals have different reproductive strategies. The only common characteristic is that each strategy is purposefully designed to secure the best reproductive partner available. By doing this an animal aims to give their off-spring the best genetic prospects. A common reproductive strategy is for the male to acquire a particular territory and then to seek … Continue reading Bagging a Territory to Secure a Mate

Too Scared To Say Anything At All

As Thumper says in Bambi, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Wise words from the young rabbit! But in this age of correctness and sensitivity we even need to be wary of saying something nice. Too often our words can be misconstrued, overly dissected or considered inappropriate. Even compliments … Continue reading Too Scared To Say Anything At All

Travel Pay for Low Pay

An environmentally positive change to the employment market that would operationally improve the labour force as well as having a beneficial levelling -up effect on incomes with no governmental cost….. too good to be true? Here’s an idea. All employees on minimum wage (or to a specific amount above this) should be payed “Travel Relief” … Continue reading Travel Pay for Low Pay