The Pharmaceutical Conspiracy…

One less publicised thing that Covid-19 may have perhaps revealed is the pharmaceutical conspiracy that exists. In the face of the pandemic it is incredible what the pharmaceutical industry has achieved in producing a vaccine in such a short space of time. It shows what can be done when the will is there. Unfortunately, more … Continue reading The Pharmaceutical Conspiracy…

Family Well-Being – An Employer’s Responsibility

How long will it be before employers become liable for the stress and depression caused, not to their employees, but to members of their employee’s family? When will employers be sued for causing the divorce or relationship breakdown of their employees? Legally, an employer has a duty of care to their employees. That means they … Continue reading Family Well-Being – An Employer’s Responsibility

Living the Dream – Really?

We all have dreams, hopes, aspirations but, I do wonder, how many of us actually get to live out those wonderful life stories of success and fulfilment. Most people plod through life, living out a mundane, uninspiring existence. We work; we relax, we sleep; we work, we relax, we sleep……. Life has a routine; life … Continue reading Living the Dream – Really?

Dating Websites – A Fundamental Flaw

In a technological age, dating websites are a great resource for finding a prospective partner. In many regards they have become the primary means of engaging in a new relationship. And, it has to be said, there are distinct advantages to using a dating site as opposed to some of the traditional meeting grounds, such … Continue reading Dating Websites – A Fundamental Flaw

Declining Civil Liberties; Necessary and Inevitable

We guard our freedoms and rights with great commitment, tenacity and pride. We will fight for them; we will die for them. For many people they are sacrosanct, the bedrock of our individual existence. And yet they are vulnerable and endangered; depleted and diminishing. The reason for this is that we have committed ourselves to … Continue reading Declining Civil Liberties; Necessary and Inevitable

The Story So Far … Repetitive Television

What do we think of repetitious television programmes? I don’t mean the showing of repeats; I mean those programmes that, after an advert break, repeat what they have already told you. They insist on giving you “the story so far”. Why do they do that? Do they think that we’ve forgot what’s already happened?Do they … Continue reading The Story So Far … Repetitive Television

Blood Types – Do they Exist by Chance or by Design?

Here’s a genetic oddity…. Why do we have different blood types? You would think that human blood would be the same all over. It’s a commodity product. It is there to do a job. It dispenses nutrients through the body, it delivers oxygen and takes away carbon dioxide, it staves off infections and it carries … Continue reading Blood Types – Do they Exist by Chance or by Design?