Incremental Running – Beating the Reluctant Runner

The problem with running is that you go out for a run but the reasons why you do so tend to be rather vague – to get fitter, to stay healthy. There has to be more meaning to it; it needs to be more quantifiable.

Incremental Running is a way of giving purpose and motivation to exercise. It will ensure that you have something to aim for. And that’s what most people need – something to drive them.

Incremental Running works by adding up the cumulative mileage of each run that you do, working towards a target set by yourself. It should appeal to people who want to exercise but all too often find reasons or excuses not to go out running. The Reluctant Runner.

In practical terms it’s about simply jotting down your running mileage both in terms of the singular amount but, more significantly, the cumulative mileage and then equating that cumulative mileage to a geographical distance.

It’s effective because it is Reckonable, Accessible, Motivational and Personal.

By Incremental Running there’s more meaning and purpose to going for a run – you’re working towards something, a target you will have set for yourself. Hence the drive and motivation.

What you tend to then find is that once you start Incremental Running you will begin to go out running more often and even start to run longer distances. You have something to aim for, a tangible reason why you should go for a run.

In my case I ran from Hull to London and back – 397 miles in a year. That’s quite an achievement; it’s something I’m quite proud of. It’s a lot more impressive than just saying I go out for a three mile run every so often.


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