The Slow, the O-So Slow Rise of Vegetarianism

As a dietary choice vegetarianism has been around for years. I actually became veggie in the mid 1980’s. At that time vegetarians weren’t that common. It would have been considered a strange and unusual practice to adopt. In fact, vegetarians were probably considered a little bit odd. In those days there was no vegetarian options … Continue reading The Slow, the O-So Slow Rise of Vegetarianism

Healthy Eating – Measuring the Goodness

We may well be familiar with the expression that you can’t compare apples with oranges, but can you compare bananas with bananas? Certainly apples are very different from oranges, making any comparison difficult. But bananas are - seemingly - very similar to one another, so can you compare them in terms of their health benefits, … Continue reading Healthy Eating – Measuring the Goodness

Death – it’s a Matter of Timing

There’s a natural order to life, rules which we expect to follow, principles which are generally accepted: Older people should die before younger ones. Healthy people should live longer than those who have lived an unhealthy life. Children should not die before their parents. Unfortunately, these rules do not always apply. There are no guarantees … Continue reading Death – it’s a Matter of Timing

Blood Types – Do they Exist by Chance or by Design?

Here’s a genetic oddity…. Why do we have different blood types? You would think that human blood would be the same all over. It’s a commodity product. It is there to do a job. It dispenses nutrients through the body, it delivers oxygen and takes away carbon dioxide, it staves off infections and it carries … Continue reading Blood Types – Do they Exist by Chance or by Design?

The Smoking Mum

My suspicions are aroused! Whenever I see a young mother smoking, I am naturally suspicious. Medical advice is categorical in saying that pregnant women should not smoke (I would also argue that they should not smoke in that pre-conception period either) as it risks harm to the unborn baby. Smoking increases the risk of stillbirth, … Continue reading The Smoking Mum