We All Have a Story Inside Us

There are some people that you just know they have a story to tell.

That aged, weathered face; those wistful, twinkling, perhaps distant eyes; those contemplative moments which suggest that they have had another life; the row of medals that they so proudly wear – they all indicate that there’s a story to be told.

Adventures and experiences; places and encounters; incidents and occasions – there are people who have been a part of history.

These people may not have made history; these people may not have achieved notoriety or acclaim. They have just been a part of something – it’s what they have done; who they have met; what they have witnessed.

They will have lived through wars, through environmental disasters, through economic booms and crashes, through dramatic and sudden changes to society. What could they tell us of life? What knowledge and wisdom could they impart? What learnings could they give?

These people need to have their stories told. Their history shouldn’t be lost; their lives shouldn’t be forgotten.

Every so often a book is published or a film is produced that recounts the true story of somebody’s remarkable life. It can be so powerful a story that we will wonder why we have not previously seen or heard of it. And yet this merely touches on what is really out there. There are so many other life stories that deserve to be told.

There is an adage which says that everyone has a book inside of them. That may or may not be true, but, most certainly, many people do live incredible lives. It would be such a loss for those great stories to go untold.

In this technological age we should be able to ensure that more of our individual histories are properly recorded; that our lives, our experiences, our views are not lost with time. On-line publishing, whether it is through e-books, diaries or blogging gives people a relatively easy and low cost opportunity to tell their stories. And, one of the beauties of the internet, once published, those stories will exist forever.

The main thing is to ensure that the story is documented. Even if it has flaws and weaknesses at least it is there, which means that, one day, like happening on a hoard of hidden treasure; somebody might come across a person’s story and see some value or appeal to it. They might then go on and do something special with it.

Not all stories will have any interest or merit. Some people’s lives will be more engaging than others. A good story has to have certain qualities – there has to be interest, relevance, poignancy, excitement. There should be thrills, suspense, drama, romance, mystery.

Many people might struggle to put a story together. On the face of it, their life may well have been quite dull, uneventful and inconsequential. It seems that they may not have had any impact; not have made any great contribution; not have left any impression.

That doesn’t mean that their life has been disappointing or a failure. They may well have a great story. But it is a story that is much more personal to them and their family. It’s a story that perhaps won’t reach or appeal to the wider audience.

And of course, not everyone can be a great writer, orator or artist. Stories aren’t always told well. And they do really need to have that quality about them if they are to achieve any significant public following.

Success requires an interesting and appealing story that is well told.

And there are many such stories out there.

The thought that others have such great stories to tell inspires me to want to live my own story, to do something or be a part of something that makes more of a story of my life.

I’m sure my story could be much more interesting than it currently is. I do need to work on it; I do need to start making my story. I’d like to think that, one day, my story will become a best seller.