Password Ease v’s Password Security

Everything we do seems to require a password. They are the gateway to the on-line world. And yet, given that they are also the access point for bank accounts, personal details and private correspondence, we probably don’t treat passwords with the seriousness we should. Most people’s choice of password is governed by the ease with … Continue reading Password Ease v’s Password Security

Society and its Miscreants

There have always been individuals who break the law. As a society we have struggled with these people in terms of deciding how best to deal with them. Should they be punished, or should we seek to rehabilitate them? How tough should our response to their misbehaviour be? The starting point in understanding society’s relationship … Continue reading Society and its Miscreants

Shoplifting – It’s for the Good of Society.

The retail sector not only drives the economy by encouraging consumer spending but it also has a second, less transparent function, one that also serves to help uphold society. Retailers finance the drug and alcohol habits of thousands of people in this country. Shoplifters steal high value products which they then sell on the black … Continue reading Shoplifting – It’s for the Good of Society.