Understanding Sophie’s Choice: It’s about a Return to Nature

Sophie confronted by a Nazi Officer

In the film "Sophie’s Choice", Sophie (played by Meryl Streep) is ordered by a Nazi officer to make the difficult choice as to which of her two children she keeps – one would be gassed to death and one would be sent to a children’s camp. As any parent will testify, it’s an impossible decision … Continue reading Understanding Sophie’s Choice: It’s about a Return to Nature

Dating Websites – Their Fundamental Flaw

A smiling couple in love

In a technological age, dating websites are a great resource for finding a prospective partner. In many regards they have become the primary means of engaging in a new relationship. And, it has to be said, there are distinct advantages to using a dating site as opposed to some of the traditional meeting grounds, such … Continue reading Dating Websites – Their Fundamental Flaw

Migration – A Genetic Benefit

A line of people migrating

Delving into genetic ancestry it is thought that all Europeans are descendants of Charlemagne – a king from the eighth century who had numerous children, mostly illegitimate ones from his concubines. It seems we’re not so dissimilar after all - we all carry sequences of DNA that match each other even though we may be … Continue reading Migration – A Genetic Benefit

Choosing Between Password Ease v’s Password Security

An icon of password security

Everything we do seems to require a password. They are the gateway to the on-line world. And yet, given that they are also the access point for bank accounts, personal details and private correspondence, we probably don’t treat passwords with the seriousness we should. Most people’s choice of password is governed by the ease with … Continue reading Choosing Between Password Ease v’s Password Security

Understanding The Mathematics of Genetic Success

A DNA helix

Of all the factors that account for the existence of humankind the most significant is that of luck. We have been fortunate to have chosen the genetic pathways to get us where we are today. They have ensured our survival and our undeniable success as a species. There is a saying, “you make your own … Continue reading Understanding The Mathematics of Genetic Success

Why Drink-Driving Confusion Exists

A hand refusing a glass of wine

In Britain, the law says that I can have 0.8 mg/ml of alcohol in my blood and it is still legal to drive a vehicle. Other countries have similar rules. Most (including France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Denmark) opt for 0.5mg/ml. Others have a lower rate – in Poland and Sweden it is 0.2mg/ml So, it’s … Continue reading Why Drink-Driving Confusion Exists

Obesity – Tolerating a Weighty Burden

An obese woman

Both as a society and as individuals it seems we are extremely and often rather irrationally tolerant of others. Why, when I observe people, do I not recognise the fact that in some cases their condition or lifestyle will involve a financial cost to me? Take, for example, the over-weight. We know the risks. We … Continue reading Obesity – Tolerating a Weighty Burden

Humanity’s Drive – Where Life Will Take Us

Human silhouettes in front of skyscrapers and a DNA helix

Society has been humanity’s great saviour. It has enabled us to survive as a species. By communal living we have been able to overcome the environmental forces that would have put such a strain on our continued existence. Society has undoubtedly saved us from the tyranny of nature. Yet, we need to be wary, for … Continue reading Humanity’s Drive – Where Life Will Take Us