Living the Dream – Really?

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We all have dreams, hopes, aspirations but, I do wonder, how many of us actually get to live out those wonderful life stories of success and fulfilment. Most people plod through life, living out a mundane, uninspiring existence. We work; we relax, we sleep; we work, we relax, we sleep……. Life has a routine; life … Continue reading Living the Dream – Really?

Dating Websites – Their Fundamental Flaw

A smiling couple in love

In a technological age, dating websites are a great resource for finding a prospective partner. In many regards they have become the primary means of engaging in a new relationship. And, it has to be said, there are distinct advantages to using a dating site as opposed to some of the traditional meeting grounds, such … Continue reading Dating Websites – Their Fundamental Flaw

Why Drink-Driving Confusion Exists

A hand refusing a glass of wine

In Britain, the law says that I can have 0.8 mg/ml of alcohol in my blood and it is still legal to drive a vehicle. Other countries have similar rules. Most (including France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Denmark) opt for 0.5mg/ml. Others have a lower rate – in Poland and Sweden it is 0.2mg/ml So, it’s … Continue reading Why Drink-Driving Confusion Exists

Protected By Vitamins – Me Thinks!

An assortment of vitamins on a spoon

They’re supposed to be good for you. They’re supposed to keep you healthy. But do they really make a difference? Taking a vitamin or health supplement is supposedly beneficial. It keeps ailments at bay. The logic is sound. If something is lacking in your body, then you are exposing yourself to dangers. The body is … Continue reading Protected By Vitamins – Me Thinks!

Vegan Appeal…It’s Not for the Animals

Vegan food

Having been a vegetarian for over thirty-five years I have often been challenged as to why I don’t go all the way and become a vegan. For many of those years I justified the half-way house as mainly a matter of practicality. It was too difficult to be a vegan. Years ago, restaurants didn’t cater … Continue reading Vegan Appeal…It’s Not for the Animals

Vegetarian Dilemmas – Where do Vegetarians Draw the Line?

Looking into a cow's face

If you are or are thinking of becoming a vegetarian it may not be as clear-cut a decision as you might think. There may well be more to it than you realise. There are vegetarian grey areas that you will have to think about. It’s a case of where do you draw the line? How … Continue reading Vegetarian Dilemmas – Where do Vegetarians Draw the Line?