Asthma: The Thief Who Stole My Breath

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It began in my mid-thirties when I started to wheeze and cough. I became breathless at the slightest exertion and repeatedly woke during the night struggling to breathe, with a tightness in my chest and coughing up a thick, slimy green phlegm. I was suffering from adult-onset asthma. It felt as if I had been … Continue reading Asthma: The Thief Who Stole My Breath

What Causes Asthma? – It’s Down the Pan

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A staggering 5.4 million people suffer from asthma in the UK. Asthma is an illness that seems to belong to modern, Western society and its prevalence has been on the increase since the 1970’s. Although mortality rates from asthma have been on the decline this is only due to the fact that asthma is now … Continue reading What Causes Asthma? – It’s Down the Pan

Pushing Asthma – A Possible Cause?

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Nobody is really too sure as to what causes asthma. Many theories have been proposed. None have proven definitive as a scientifically accepted universal explanation. This article seeks to contribute to that debate by offering a less widely recognised reason why asthma may have become so prevalent over the last half century. Pushchairs have existed … Continue reading Pushing Asthma – A Possible Cause?