Obesity – Tolerating a Weighty Burden

Both as a society and as individuals it seems we are extremely and often rather irrationally tolerant of others. Why, when I observe people, do I not recognise the fact that in some cases their condition or lifestyle will involve a financial cost to me? Take, for example, the over-weight. We know the risks. We … Continue reading Obesity – Tolerating a Weighty Burden

Humanity’s Drive – Where Life Will Take Us

Society has been humanity’s great saviour. It has enabled us to survive as a species. By communal living we have been able to overcome the environmental forces that would have put such a strain on our continued existence. Society has undoubtedly saved us from the tyranny of nature. Yet, we need to be wary, for … Continue reading Humanity’s Drive – Where Life Will Take Us

Geneterprise – The Business of Sex

  Our sex life is our business. We operate, sexually, as if we are running a business. The way we form relationships is similar to the methods employed by any commercial enterprise. It all comes down to marketing. As individuals we are just another product on the supermarket shelf. As such, we must sell our … Continue reading Geneterprise – The Business of Sex

Genetic Parenting – Prioritising your Genes

  Genetic Parenting is an aspect of parental behaviour evident throughout nature. The singular purpose of all living things is to pass on their genes to a new generation and, in so doing, seek to enhance their genetic prospects. This law of nature applies equally to humanity. Genetic Parenting is therefore about choosing the right … Continue reading Genetic Parenting – Prioritising your Genes

Pushing Asthma – a possible cause?

Nobody is really too sure as to what causes asthma. Many theories have been proposed. None have proven definitive as a scientifically accepted universal explanation. This article seeks to contribute to that debate by offering a less widely recognised reason why asthma may have become so prevalent over the last half century. Pushchairs have existed … Continue reading Pushing Asthma – a possible cause?