Humanity’s Evolutionary Downfall

The greatest threat to humanity is not nuclear obliteration, environmental catastrophe, meteor strike or a contagious virus. The greatest threat to our survival comes from ourselves and our relentless drive to develop and progress the world we live in. Generally, we perceive progress to be good for us. It means that we live longer, that … Continue reading Humanity’s Evolutionary Downfall

Dating Websites – A Fundamental Flaw

In a technological age, dating websites are a great resource for finding a prospective partner. In many regards they have become the primary means of engaging in a new relationship. And, it has to be said, there are distinct advantages to using a dating site as opposed to some of the traditional meeting grounds, such … Continue reading Dating Websites – A Fundamental Flaw

Declining Civil Liberties; Necessary and Inevitable

We guard our freedoms and rights with great commitment, tenacity and pride. We will fight for them; we will die for them. For many people they are sacrosanct, the bedrock of our individual existence. And yet they are vulnerable and endangered; depleted and diminishing. The reason for this is that we have committed ourselves to … Continue reading Declining Civil Liberties; Necessary and Inevitable

Migration – A Genetic Benefit

Delving into genetic ancestry it is thought that all Europeans are descendants of Charlemagne – a king from the eighth century who had numerous children, mostly illegitimate ones from his concubines. It seems we’re not so dissimilar after all - we all carry sequences of DNA that match each other even though we may be … Continue reading Migration – A Genetic Benefit

Don’t Rely on the Individual to Save the Planet!

The quality of our environment is fundamental to our long term survival as a species. You would think, therefore, we’d be quite keen to look after it. You’d think that we would want to live in a clean, healthy and a generally “nice” environment. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests not. Like marauding pirates, we have mercilessly … Continue reading Don’t Rely on the Individual to Save the Planet!