Too Scared To Say Anything At All

As Thumper says in Bambi, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Wise words from the young rabbit! But in this age of correctness and sensitivity we even need to be wary of saying something nice. Too often our words can be misconstrued, overly dissected or considered inappropriate. Even compliments … Continue reading Too Scared To Say Anything At All

Society and its Miscreants

There have always been individuals who break the law. As a society we have struggled with these people in terms of deciding how best to deal with them. Should they be punished, or should we seek to rehabilitate them? How tough should our response to their misbehaviour be? The starting point in understanding society’s relationship … Continue reading Society and its Miscreants

God’s Real Residence – Where are the Powers that be?

We can observe ants busying themselves in their continual struggle for survival. They live in a world that knows nothing of our human existence. They know nothing of the world beyond their defined territory. If they did know of us, they would consider us as an almighty force that is able to significantly impact on … Continue reading God’s Real Residence – Where are the Powers that be?