Heart Ablation Opens the Mind

Psychedelic colourful image of a heart

I have just had an unexpected but incredible insight into the alternate possibilities that my brain might be capable of or that others might naturally possess. I recently had to have a heart ablation. This procedure is undertaken in order to correct an irregular heartbeat. It involves the burning or freezing of some of the … Continue reading Heart Ablation Opens the Mind

Living the Dream – Really?

Living the dream image

We all have dreams, hopes, aspirations but, I do wonder, how many of us actually get to live out those wonderful life stories of success and fulfilment. Most people plod through life, living out a mundane, uninspiring existence. We work; we relax, we sleep; we work, we relax, we sleep……. Life has a routine; life … Continue reading Living the Dream – Really?

Life – Can you put a value on it?

A life saving buoy

We believe in the sanctity of life. It’s something special, something precious. It is generally recognised that life has a value and should be nurtured and supported. And yet, although we give it value, that value comes with rules, conditions and caveats. There is no free rein. Life does not have value per se. This … Continue reading Life – Can you put a value on it?

Why Drink-Driving Confusion Exists

A hand refusing a glass of wine

In Britain, the law says that I can have 0.8 mg/ml of alcohol in my blood and it is still legal to drive a vehicle. Other countries have similar rules. Most (including France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Denmark) opt for 0.5mg/ml. Others have a lower rate – in Poland and Sweden it is 0.2mg/ml So, it’s … Continue reading Why Drink-Driving Confusion Exists

Society and its Miscreants

A set of handcuffs

There have always been individuals who break the law. As a society we have struggled with these people in terms of deciding how best to deal with them. Should they be punished, or should we seek to rehabilitate them? How tough should our response to their misbehaviour be? The starting point in understanding society’s relationship … Continue reading Society and its Miscreants

God’s Real Residence – Where are the Powers that be?

DNA helix

We can observe ants busying themselves in their continual struggle for survival. They live in a world that knows nothing of our human existence. They know nothing of the world beyond their defined territory. If they did know of us, they would consider us as an almighty force that is able to significantly impact on … Continue reading God’s Real Residence – Where are the Powers that be?

Protected By Vitamins – Me Thinks!

An assortment of vitamins on a spoon

They’re supposed to be good for you. They’re supposed to keep you healthy. But do they really make a difference? Taking a vitamin or health supplement is supposedly beneficial. It keeps ailments at bay. The logic is sound. If something is lacking in your body, then you are exposing yourself to dangers. The body is … Continue reading Protected By Vitamins – Me Thinks!