Travel Pay for Low Pay

An environmentally positive change to the employment market that would operationally improve the labour force as well as having a beneficial levelling -up effect on incomes with no governmental cost….. too good to be true? Here’s an idea. All employees on minimum wage (or to a specific amount above this) should be payed “Travel Relief” … Continue reading Travel Pay for Low Pay

The Pharmaceutical Conspiracy…

One less publicised thing that Covid-19 may have perhaps revealed is the pharmaceutical conspiracy that exists. In the face of the pandemic it is incredible what the pharmaceutical industry has achieved in producing a vaccine in such a short space of time. It shows what can be done when the will is there. Unfortunately, more … Continue reading The Pharmaceutical Conspiracy…

Replacement Goods – The Worst of Shopping!

Shopping can be a pleasure or a chore; shopping can be recreational or obligatory. It just depends on what you’re buying and the mood you’re in. But there is one type of purchase that brings no pleasure or benefit. It’s a type of purchase that we resent more than any other. This is the purchase … Continue reading Replacement Goods – The Worst of Shopping!

The Middle Classes – How Nice are We!

There’s a lot of people that won’t admit it; there’s a lot of people who aren’t comfortable with the idea; there’s a lot of people who don’t think they truly belong, there’s a lot of people who even refuse to accept the social distinction. I’m referring to the existence of the middle classes. Class – … Continue reading The Middle Classes – How Nice are We!

Obesity – Tolerating a Weighty Burden

Both as a society and as individuals it seems we are extremely and often rather irrationally tolerant of others. Why, when I observe people, do I not recognise the fact that in some cases their condition or lifestyle will involve a financial cost to me? Take, for example, the over-weight. We know the risks. We … Continue reading Obesity – Tolerating a Weighty Burden